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New Report Shows Gunns Pulp Mill Is On The Nose

New Report Shows Gunns Pulp Mill Is On The Nose
Tamar Valley Pulp Mill

Gunns Ltd yesterday released a report commissioned by Myriad research which is stage 1 of their community consultation process. The report revealed 40% of Tasmanian’s oppose the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill.

A total of 1002 Tasmanian’s from a broad cross section of demographics were interviewed by telephone between February 22 and March 15 2011.

Tasmanians are clearly divided over the mill – with 37% of those surveyed in support, 23% neutral and 40% opposed. Support is stronger for those aged 40+, males and blue collar workers. People are more likely to have a view one way or the other as they get older – with the neutral vote markedly lower for the 40+ age groups.

Most of those surveyed (72%) are aware of the new Tasmanian Forest Agreement and are more likely to support the Agreement (50% in support, 30% neutral, 20% opposed). Support

for the new Agreement is higher in the South of the State, and for female and white collar respondents perception of Gunns as a company shows a similar pattern as for mill support, with 32% positive, 34% neutral, 34% negative.

In terms of Gunns engagement with the Tasmanian community and related community perceptions, most (56%) agree that Gunns is a good contributor to the Tasmanian economy.

Just 20% agree that Gunns communicates well about its activities, 27% that Gunns ‘listens to and cares about the Tasmanian community’ and 23% that Gunns is a good environmental manager.

Regarding of construction and operation of the Bell Bay Pulp Mill project, all nominated issues – safety of the operation, economic returns to the State, impact on the environment (marine and air), impact on local roads, local employment and public reporting of performance – are seen to be important, with safety and environmental performance their greatest concern.

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