Labor and Giddings Heading for Oblivian in Election

Lara Giddings Nick McKim
Lara Giddings sacks Green cabinet ministers


With retail sales and new car sales in Tasmania on the rise and unemployment falling in recent months from 8.3% in July to 7.7% in January whilst it is rising on the mainland it is clear the Labor Green Governments policies are starting to work and the transition from the old last century economy to a new clean, green,clever economy is on the move.


What a shame then that Lara Giddings then sacks two of her best performing ministers; Nick McKim has taken us to 4 term school years and improved grade 3 naplan results. He has also got Risdon prison out of the news when regular riots and frequent industrial disputes were the order of the day before he took over. There has also been increased Metro patronage thanks to turn up and go. Cassy O’Conner has brought down the public housing waiting list to its lowest levels in a decade.


Lara Giddings should be proud of her Governments achievements during a time of massive transition in forestry and falling government revenues but by sacking her Green ministers it is like she is ashamed of these achievements and now tells voters she wants to go backwards again with the pulp mill. No wonder the Greens are heading for more seats at this election than Labor.