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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Hobart Water Meter Rollout Hits Trouble

Tasmania's controversial water meter rollout has been less than smooth with complaints of faulty meters and damaged gardens and is behind schedule. Hobart's Mercury newspaper...

Playing for Change

Join the movement that can change the world.

We cannot afford not to have a carbon tax

The argument by big polluting carbon produces, Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party that we will destroy Australian Industry and Australian jobs is a very poor...

Felmingham has no understanding of the Green perspective

Bruce Felmingham who is principle consultant with IMC-LINK has continued on with his anti green, pro Tamar Valley pulp mill argument in in his...
Pulp Mill Very Unpopular

New Report Shows Gunns Pulp Mill Is On The Nose

Gunns Ltd yesterday released a report commissioned by Myriad research which is stage 1 of their community consultation process. The report revealed 40% of...

Who is Running the Peace Talks on the Tasmanian Forestry Statement of Principles?

Who are the people that are negotiating the Tasmanian Forestry Statement of Principles, and who has given them the right to negotiate the use...