Mathew Goggin Golf Course Proves Tasmanian Has Tourism Potential.

seven mile beach
Site for proposed world class golf course

The Matthew Goggin proposal for a world class public golf course at Seven Mile Beach does demonstrate Tasmania’s tourism potential. The land is currently used as a pine plantation but with vision and foresight land that is currently used for a decaying last century industry can be utilised to attract big spending golfing tourists.

Anyone in the forestry industry will tell you that tourism is not this States panacea, but just ask business’ in the North East near Barnbougle Dunes and Lost Farm that are geared up for tourism how they are going? Just pop into the Bridport pub for example to see how many people are cashed up and dressed up in the golfing attire for a weekend away with the lads and a few beers and few rounds of golf and what these courses have done to the economy of the North East that used to be highly dependent on forestry.

Won’t it be ironic that two of Tasmania’s prime pieces of real estate that are currently being under utilised and wasted in the forestry industry will most likely end up two of our most prized tourism assets. The Triabunna woodchip mill with its deep water port and magnicifent views over Maria Island has huge potential as an eco toursim resort where can cruise ships can dock. Instead of ships coming in to take away our old and irreplaceable forest for the Japanese paper industry ships will be docking with cashed up toursits.

Local businessman Michael Kent also plans for a marina style development at Triabunna. I can see Triabunna having a marina type lifestyle and atmosphere similar to Marina Mirage on the gold coast but on a smaller scale with cafes and seafood restaurants lining the marina which will turn the town into the most expensive real estate on the East Coast.  Now is the time to buy property for bargain basement prices off the narrow minded forestry workers who have no vision and no future and who are desperate to leave the town. Your investment will be worth a fortune in years to come.